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Modular Firmware Revision History

Release 2018-May-15

  • Added QR25 trigger.
  • Fixed separate banks 1st half / 2nd half dual lambda reading averaging within a bank.
  • Holden V8 VP / VT trigger code. 
  • DBW TRC code. 
  • Changed CAN snoop so on RX8 mode it uses channel 2.
  • Fixed Innovate serial input lean reading introduced in 0.233.

Release 2018-Apr-24

  • Changed closed loop idle to only go to closed loop idle if VSS=0 when VSS is enabled.
  • M2000 optimised ignition output for FC igntion.
  • M1200 timing change.
  • User log variable channels for internal log (fix).
  • Added input for Innovate to read full lean when it's just showing O2.
  • Changed Nissan trigger 6 cyl dizzy edge sensitivity.
  • Added tps delta trans fuel mode.
  • First cut at traction code.
  • Added 5 cylinder output mode on M1200.
  • Improved ignition outputs on low tooth count trigger engines.
  • Added idle to close at crank option.
  • Added EGT2 on Racepak output.
  • Optimised internal logging (faster operation).

Release 2018-Mar-12

  • Moved temperature sensors into models module.
  • Added option for constant pullup value of 1k on temperature inputs (setting).
  • Added more injector options.
  • Another attempt for Subaru switching WFs.
  • Added VQ25, VH45 and Jazz triggers.
  • Added VQ30 trigger.
  • Added 4+1 Suzuki trigger, Audi 5 cyl dizzy.
  • Changed ignition timing idle mode so it does it on IDLE_DERIV in absolute RPM mode, and CLOSED_IDLE in RPM error mode.

Release 2018-Feb-28

  • Partial coding of new triggers. Changed closed loop fuel correction time.

Release 2018-Feb-22

  • Added Gaugeart comms.
  • Subaru changing phases code.
  • Internal logging changes.

Release 2018-Jan-22

  • Added additional call to Angtrack_Stopped to better handle the case when engine is already running when ECU is powered up with certain triggers (esp. Subaru 36-2-2-2).
  • 2nd cut of Subaru 6/7 trigger mode.
  • Added -3, -6, -9 dB headphone settings.
  • Added Idle closed loop status output.
  • Added Subaru 6/7 trigger mode.

Release 2018-Jan-15

  • Updated version of internal logging code.
  • Added RX8 odometer.
  • Added Suzuki G13B / GTi.
  • Enabled logging in the code (disabled by default).
  • Added ability to invert ignition outputs for MSD, Honda... that's about it.                   
  • ***Note that on an M1200 because of the hardware current limiting you'll still need to either bypass the internal resistor or use the normal output mode (falling edge) and an external ignitor.
  • Subaru EJ25 trigger version 5.
  • Subaru EZ36 trigger version 2.
  • Subaru EZ36 trigger version 2.
  • Changed Honda K to 30 degrees retarded.
  • Honda S2000 AP1, AP2, K20A / K24A trigger V1.
  • Ford V8 trigger V4.
  • Ford V8 trigger V3.
  • Happy New Year!

Release 2017-Dec-07

  • Ford V8 trigger V2
  • Ford V8 trigger V1
  • 5th iteration of EJ25 code
  • 4th iteration of Subaru edge sensitivity code (22.5 degree window, ignore edges during the missing tooth gap). Also coded 30 degree window for Subaru EZ36, seems to have stable timing on bench with inverting triggers.
  • Support for 3 cylinder, single pulse per cylinder code.
  • 3rd iteration of Subaru edge sensitivity code (22.5 degree window).
Release 2017-Dec-05
  • 2nd iteration of Subaru edge sensitivity code.
  • Changed subaru edge sensitivity for Subaru magic polarity changing sensors.
  • Fixed DBW problem introduced with dyno code disable.
  • Added first version GaugeArt output code.
  • Changed Lotus type 1 CAN output for odometer reading correctly.

Release 2017-Nov-24
  • Added Lotus type 2 CAN odometer function
  • Added filtering on injector test
  • Implemented Lotus type 2 CAN output coding
  • Implemented fixed time air shifter output
  • Implemented Lotus type 1 CAN output coding
  • Implemented DSC input on RX8

Release 2017-Nov-20

  • "Muted" injection outputs until outputs synchronised.
  • Implemented OBD data reading.
  • Added ability for single pulse per TDC trigger.
  • Added bootloader updating code to force update to M1200 bootloader if it's an M1200 application code.
  • Implemented injector / ignition of M1200, Increased closed loop MOP target tolerance to 3.5 and slowed down movement when it gets close.
  • Thermofan disable for first second after starting to allow filtered temperatures to stabilise. Increased closed loop MOP target tolerance to 3%.
  • RX8 CAN code.
Release 2017-Oct-30

  • "Muted" injection outputs until outputs synchronised.
Release 2017-Oct-27

  • Added K6A trigger non-VVT
  • Throttle blip code, gradual ign retard re-instate
  • Strain gauge code
  • Added Holley CAN output - not full speed yet
  • MX5 NA ignition output glitch at specific RPM on M1200 solved
Release 2017-Oct-18

  • Added 4G69 trigger
  • Changed EZ36 trigger base back to 30 BTDC
  • Added / fixed Mitsubishi 6+1
  • Added Suzuki Alto / RS Swift triggers
  • Added Suzuki Swift Gen 5 trigger
  • Changed M1200 startup sequence
  • Daihatsu Mira trigger and increase Max 0-5V input to 5.3V
Release 2017-Oct-10

  • Subaru EZ36; automatically detect either edge on all 4.
  • Output enable set high by bootloader (modular) and pulled low after initialising comms., to help with S15 etc ECUs.
  • Subaru 2 x VVT update for all reluctors.
  • Trigger change for 2 x VVT Toyota.
  • Added 4 cyl Mitsu / Mazda trigger.
  • Added support for O2 voltage switching in V07 HW.
  • Added support for turbo speed inputs up to 6550 Hz (224 k RPM on 14 tooth BW).
  • Sped up low level input updating for use with built-in scope.
  • Changed min time for 2 missing teeth to 2.125 instead of 2.5 to be more forgiving of double-2-missing teeth on Subaru engines.
  • Changed Subaru base angle to 35 degrees instead of 30.
  • Added variable headphone gain and knock gain.
  • Added CAN snooping function.
  • Changed RX8 base angle.
  • VE DC motor coding.
Release 2017-Aug-24

  • Subaru EZ36 automatically detect either edge.
Release 2017-Aug-22

  • Some changes to Adaptronic native mode, added VSS / gear / MGP.
Release 2017-Aug-11

  • Changed injector 3 output pin on M1200.
  • Inverted sign of VVT inputs on RT Mini input board for quad VVT engines.
  • Implemented proper scaling of frequecy / period on RT Mini inputs.
  • Added Adaptronic native CAN mode.
Release 2017-Aug-08

  • Added option for fuel temp sensor type to be -2 -> read from flex (rather than having to choose in source).
  • Added VNET remap option.
  • RColt trigger
                        Native Racepak / VNET CAN output
                        Haltech V1 CAN output
                        Haltech V2 CAN output - untested
  • Motec PLM implementation.
  • Built-in diagnostics for output module.
  • Start of CAN implementation.
Release 2017-Jul-20

  • RColt triger implementation.
  • Disabled "always allow async" option.
  • Added allowance of single edge Nissan angle error.
  • Changed module address reading for output module to happen once at startup instead of every time through main loop (noise immunity).
  • Ignition output bias override update for firmware test.
Release 2017-Jul-14

  • Big changes for USB comms
  • Disabled 16 MB flash device
  • Added "write to block 0" to have same function as write to block 513
  • Sped up USB comms for faster recognition by Windows
  • Added FAT, root dir and FAT-16 filesystem so Windows doesn't keep saying "format this!"
  • Added indirect write (to block 1) to effect a write to any block
  • Corresponding changes in AdapComm.DLL
  • Also has a new bootloader updater, so when you load in this firmware, it also checks the bootloader and updates it if required

Release 2017-Jun-30

  • Added more injector models
  • Added Zeitronix input, AEM input, PLX output
  • Added debugging for async calculations
  • Adding minimum injector duration of 0.2ms for manual async
  • Temperature input bias algorithm change
  • Changed ADC timing also to increase accuracy of current measurement of injector outputs on M1200
  • Added Subaru 36-2-2-2 trigger modes
  • Added Subaru EZ36 trigger mode
  • M1200 low level output scope, M1200 memory fix
  • M1200 compatibility version
Release 2017-Jun-16

  • Implemented open loop MOP control option for FC / FD / FE MOPs, and closed loop FE MOP
  • Implemented short pulse function on ID injectors
Release 2017-Jun-09

  • Added M1200 compatibility
  • Changed I2C initialization so it only happens with 12V power, to speed up USB initialisation
  • Added turbine speed calculation
  • Added alternate pinout for MX5 NB ECUs
  • Added voltage tolerance option for gear detection
Release 2017-Jun-02

  • Reduced min time to fire for slowed down outputs to improve ignition pulse accuracy at high RPM
Release 2017-May-23

  • Flipped NB MX5 trigger by 360 degrees
  • Added dedicated RX7 and RX8 triggers (std RX7 and FFE models)
  • Changed angle detection / wasted spark / DF ignition output logic
  • Slowed down timers in output module by factor of 4 to improve low RPM performance
  • Implemented injector models
Release 2017-May-05
  • Increased dead time on aux drive high PWM outputs
  • Changed DBW target TPS scaling / algorithm
  • Verified NB MX5 trigger
  • Fixed ms cranking mode
  • Added V8 Audi trigger
  • Fixed minimum pulsewidth for async pulses (introduced in 0.105)
Release 2017-May-01
  • added V8 Audi triiger (needs software update)
  • fixed minimum pulsewidth for async pulse
  • Knock windowing, knock retard / recovery
  • Made I2C reset conditions more strict
  • Thermofan delay implementation
  • Added minimum effective PW and minimum fuel volume
  • Added MGP as tuning option
  • Increased aircon switch filter to 500ms
  • Implemented knock time domain and angle domain live views
  • Fixed trigger / logic on built-in scope
  • Disabled CAS3 as trigger input when used for flex
  • Added phantom vehicle board numbers for S13 -> S15 and S14 -> S13 CA18DET


Release 2017-Mar-30

  • Added FC ignition output
  • Changed flat shift to check history of gear selection before closed loop flat shift
  • Changed ana gear input to detect neutral correctly
  • Found & fixed PWM bug on injector outputs
  • Found & fixed PWM race on injector/aux outputs
  • Changed BEAMS temp calibration and trigger
  • Changed flash writing state to introduce wait for BSY (settings cache)
  • Added Toyota BEAMS coolant temp sensor
  • Fixed generic temp sensor calibration
  • Extended range of built-in temp calivrations to 150°C
  • Changed some names of variables to be more intuitive
  • Added injector duty cycle and fuel usage calculations
  • Changed VVT to only show channels in use on main gauges window
  • Added visibility for resistance calculation for temperature inputs
  • Added visibility for MGP (and MGP2 on dual bank engines)
  • Added new coolant temperature type - defi
  • Changed oil pressure safety to work down to zero RPM
  • Fixed arbitrary temperature cal
  • Added option for idle ignition timing table to be independent (not based off main ignition map)
  • Updated AIM output so it gives gear + 1... to read correctly on dash
  • Evo 4-9 trigger
  • Added FW VSS filter, analogue gear detection, closed loop ignition cut
  • Slowed down RT output so as not to overload the dash
  • Changed individual fuel trim TPS to be 0.1% resolution
  • Added mini analogue-input support

Release 2017-Mar-9
  • DBW to report motor current
  • Added ability to select fuel / oil pressure from alternate sources
  • USB MSD changes
  • Check for high RPM Nissan operation (no code change)
  • Fixed decel CEL light
  • Implemented antilag

Release 2017-Feb-22

  • Delay for cut reason, so it's persistent in logs
  • Delay for async so it goes to zero after the async is done
  • Leanout delay
  • Handle negative fuel delivery values
  • Added launch enable / in launch annuciators
  • Added ignition test
  • fixed closed loop idle enable bug
  • Made launch control data match latest SW
Released 2017-Feb-08

  • Added diagnostics for mini aux output module
  • Added mini aux output module support
  • Added more DBW functionality
  • Added firmware security for other modules
  • Changed TPS / EGT output calibration for AIM dash
  • Added 4 x VSS, quad VVT cam support + 2GRFE trigger dedicated mode
Released 2017-Jan-25
  • Changed ignition with 15 degree trigger angle
  • Found & fixed ignition output cut showing 100% during overrun