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John Landry’s Supercharged Porsche 911

December 12, 2017

John Landry’s Supercharged Porsche 911

My name is John Landry. I’ve had Adaptronic on 2 of my Porsche 911 motors. The first was a 3.0L naturally aspirated motor. The second is:

  • 3.2L displacement
  • 98mm Perfectbore cylinders
  • 8:1 compression JE pistons, with ceramic coated domes and dry-film skirts
  • Heads are 3.0SC ported to match a 3.2L aluminium intake. That intake was cut and turned.
  • Ignition is twin-plug with Accel EDIS-6 towers and a pair of triple-channel ignitors. Crank-fire trigger.
  • Intercooler is a custom 3.5″ core constructed by Gerhard Schruff at Bell Intercoolers (Corky Bell’s company, who wrote “Maximum Boost” and “Supercharged!”)
  • Quick disconnects by Hargett.
  • A Scirocco twin-puller fan sits underneath sucking air through it.
  • Supercharger is an Autorotor 420
  • Headers are Bursch 2 5/8 diameter primaries.
  • Muffler is a Flowmaster 40 2-into-2.
  • Transmission is a custom G50 by Patrick Motorsports with a Quaife LSD.
  • Engineering mostly by Paul McKinnon at Evolution Motorsports in Brookvale.

I first heard about Adaptronic when it was mentioned by someone on Pelicanparts.com (a technical Porsche & BMW site). I chose to go with Adaptronic because Andy was willing to come to my garage to personally work on both projects on multiple occasions. He did customization, extensive troubleshooting and tuning.

The Adaptronic team is the best part of dealing with Adaptronic. Andy and the guys are great to deal with. They are dedicated, personable and eager to help.

Now it runs like a very angry animal. I haven’t managed to get any straight comparisons at Wakefield or Eastern Creek, ran out of time [before leaving Australia].

John Landry

Porsche Enthusiast, Toronto, Canada (formerly Sydney, AUS)

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