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Colin Faulkner’s NBA MX5

December 11, 2017

Colin Faulkner’s NBA MX5

I have a 1999 MX5, it has GAZ shocks and Eibach springs. The only engine mods are a Racing Beat Header with a mandrel bent exhaust from Kirrawee Mufflers.

I heard about Adaptronic through others who are using them in similar cars and then researched them on the Internet and compared with others. I looked at the other brands, they were all more expensive or required changes or specialist wiring. The Adaptronic had a plug and play piggy back wiring loom and, for the features, was very cost effective.

I found that even my basic enquiries with the Adaptronic Team were treated seriously. My days as a mechanic ended whilst most cars still had carburettors so custom ECUs are a bit foreign. I found that the local Adaptronic Dealer Pulse Racing were great to deal with. The car has run faultlessly and produced great horsepower. Paul at Pulse Racing knew the idiosyncrasies of my car and how to extract the best from it. Last Saturday at Wakefield Park was the first time the car was run – no testing just straight into racing! The best time on the day for this car was a 1:14 with more on the way.

The main reason for adding the Adaptronic before modifying the engine was to eliminate all the intake paraphernalia and to provide a baseline for future modifications. This way I have seen what the standard engine can produce and then gauge how the other mods stack up.

Colin Faulkner

MX5 enthusiast, NSW (Australia)